It’s been quite a while since I have put up a blog post… (24/10/2008 was my last post !!)… A lot has happened…

1, I have finished my Masters

2, In my first full time job now

3, Experimenting a lot with  social-networking tools… So this is where I talk about the reason why Im writing this post.

There is just so much to be shared !! With Web2.0rrhea and explosion of social networking… I couldn’t resist writing again and sharing stuff I find interesting !

Recently I went for this Web2.0 Idea sharing session @ MDeC, where I learnt about couple of new sites… like hootsuite, posterous, mixpanel to name a few. Very interesting I say. The session was useful not because I got to know these sites but  more importantly how these tools can be used to derive value for yourself, your company… Right now I am working on integrating these tools in my company either in the website or project management. or just experimenting… and by the way follow me on twitter @ch00b, lately I socialize more with the twitterati 😉

Over n out for now.