May Allah bless us all in this blessed month. Just felt like sharing what I heard in the mosque yesterday. Things to be done in abundance during this month…

1, Seeking forgiveness (Doing Tasbih Istighfar minimum 300 times… maximum is upto U)

2, Reciting Lailaha il’ Allah kalimah in abundance ( minimum 300 … maximum is upto U)

3, Seeking Jannah and safety from Jahannam.

Besides these recitation of Quran and other acts are rewarded in multiple folds.. like for e.g a nafl prayer is counted as fardh and a fardh is equivalent to 70 fardhs !! subhan Allah…

May Allah accept all our prayers and strengthen our Imaan. Ameen


A lovely video by an American Muslim artist. This video was made post 9/11 to counter the widespread Islamophobia in US. The story line in the video is awesome. Enjoy !

Rockstar and the MullahUntil recently I didn’t know that music is not HARAAM in Islam. For the past 23 years of my existence I used to think or rather I was made to think that music is forbidden in Islam (excluding Nasheed with the usage of ‘thabs’ or ‘tabla’ like stuff). There were many reasons why I used to think so. They are as follows…

1. Music is a waste of time i.e idle talk and time wasting activities are not encouraged in Islam.

2. Music tends to take you away from being God conscious.

3. I remember hearing a hadith were people who listen to music will have molten iron poured into their ears in the hereafter. (I know you guys must be laughing like crazy… Comon I was only 9yrs old).

4. Whatever money one earns making or selling music is haraam!

5. Not only do you waste your time but also make others waste their time.

6. That there was a prophet (amongst the 124,000) who was sent specifically to forbid music.

Recently I had a discussion with an Islamic scholar who was trained in the traditional madrassa system in Pakistan and also went on to further his studies and complete a PhD in UK and later lecture in Yale. He told me that there is no explicit ayath(statement) saying music is forbidden. According to him music is the crown of any civilization . An old article that I read about a documentary that was made by BBC which concludes that there needs to be more debate. Anywayz my point is why not ?? As long as you don’t miss your obligatory duties because of listening or producing music, why not ?? What do you think??