In Japan, Yes. According to this link  link plants are blogging!. Japan is amazing, almost everyday I find something interesting about this beautiful country.

TQ Zati … If you didn`t tell me I wouldnt have known that the previous link didn`t work.


It’s been a long time since I had blogged. Ever since I left Chennai life has been really busy. Even now Iam only checking my blog as I had to do a posting on the eMarketing course blog. Guess what my first posting was about, How to add yourself as a contributor to the blog ( I know you guys living out of Japan must be laughing! ) Trust me you have no idea how difficult it was for me to use babelfish, google translate just to translate and decipher the blogger page from jp to en. If you are really bored try to access the japanese version of any website you commonly use and try translating it from jp to en (You will laugh even more! Don’t trust me try and you will know why). I dont how many hours I spent just to translate and add myself as a contributor to the blog. Thanks to this blogger, if not God knows how long I would have spent googling trying to add myself to the eMarketing blog !

I was asking myself this question before I began writing this post. The answer came to me in many ways and some of them are…

1, Recently I have been posting a few links to a few articles, websites in my IM which resulted in a good number of discussions between me and my friends. So I thought why not start a blog where even others can benefit.

2, Debating has changed me as a person and I want to continue this amazing activity until I am sucked up by mother Earth. So I was looking for ways to have intellectual discussions on varied topics online.

3, Just for the fun of it… Common every tom dick n harry has a blog these days … So why not?? 😉

Still not convinced…

4, ‘There is simply so much to be said’ (Thank you Digi telecom)

” Hello World” yes that’s going to be my first post not even “Welcome”. Think of it… What is the first thing IT people teach you when they teach programming ?? What was your first program about?? (by which I mean comp. programming).